The Rules


1.     GENERAL

a)    Please notify us if you intend to arrive after 9pm or before 7am.

b)    We appreciate your business and respectfully ask that you assist us to maintain standards of excellence and courtesy to all people. We like to think that you would do unto others the same as you would have done to you.

c)     We are not on mains, so please use water and power sparingly.

d)    Please respect the efforts to sustain a clean and professional establishment by picking up all horse manure deposited outside of the paddocks. Failure to leave your booked area, yard or stable clean and tidy will result in a $50 cleaning fee per horse.

e)    Dogs and smoking are prohibited on the property without the consent from management.

f)      Emergency assembly areas they are labelled on all maps, in an emergency please move to these areas promptly, to ensure yours and others safety.

g)    Outside hay is not permitted on the property to assist our pasture management. Failure to abide by this will result in a $50 fine per horse. Hay can be purchased from the premises.

h)    Please report any damage to facilities or fences, water leaks or problems with horses to the property manager.

i)       Any breach of the above conditions may initiate a penalty fine of up to $1,000 or removal from the property.

j)       News, updates, emergency procedures, maps of the property and local area maps are located on

2.     SAFETY

a)    All riders must have insurance with current EA; PCAV or HRCAV membership.

b)    Approved safety helmets must be worn when riding and suitable clothing and footwear must be worn at all times.

c)     Cross Country obstacles must not be used unless under the guidance or instruction of a clinician.

d)    Riding of horses bareback is prohibited unless under instruction.

e)    Riding of rugged and/or unbridled horses is prohibited unless under instruction.

f)      Any person may lead a maximum of two horses while mounted or unmounted.

g)    Stallions must be tagged, bitted and be in the control of a person aged seventeen years or more at all times whether led or ridden.

h)    Slow vehicle speeds must be adhered to at all times.

i)       Please conduct common sense behaviour and observe all signs and instructions at the venue.

j)       Electric fences have been used on most fence lines but please be aware that there are stallions and young colts kept on the property –PLEASE keep a safe distance to prevent injuries to both you and them.

k)     DO NOT enter paddocks without prior permission from the Landowner.

l)       PLEASE ensure that your horse/s is disease free and fully vaccinated before entering the property. Report any signs of illness IMMEDIATELY.

m)   There are many young horses kept on the property, PLEASE pick up rubbish (even if it is not yours) and store effectively to prevent ingestion and possible death.

n)    PLEASE ensure that all gates and stable doors are kept shut at all times, unless otherwise specified.

 By entering the property you agree to abide by the terms and conditions set out below.

I understand and acknowledge that horse riding on a working farm is a dangerous activity; horses can act in an unpredictable or changeable way especially if frightened or hurt; riding gear can break and fail; the ground can be rough and uneven, especially after wet weather; there are unfenced dams, creeks, fallen and falling trees on the property; and that there are many other general dangers and machinery used on the property that is potentially dangerous and may cause injury or death.

I agree that I enter, ride and stay on the farm at my own risk. The proprietor/ instructor and all other employees of Euroa Horse Park Pty Limited are not liable for any injury, death, loss or damage which may occur to me or to my property during the time I spend on the property.

I choose to ride and be around horses whether such liability arises out of any express or implied term or common law or in any other way and I will pay due regard for the safety of other riders, employees and instructors. I will always wear an approved safety helmet when riding and suitable clothing and footwear at all times.

Whilst I am on the property I will not take or use any drug except prescription drugs; drink alcohol before or during a horse ride.

 Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries on 0417 363 710

or visit