The Rules

PIC NO:  3 SBLS 488

1.   AGISTMENT: Agistment is provided by the AGISTOR at the Euroa Agistment Centre, 2 Millards Lane, Euroa, Vic 3666 to the AGISTEE who is legally in procession of The Horse and over the age of eighteen. All horses are to be wormed and quarantined on arrival; tetanus and strangles vaccination is mandatory to protect the interests of all the horses. For emergencies and biosecurity issues please quote PIC number above.

2.  HANDLING: Some horses require additional feeding and rugging to optimise their condition.We are happy to do this for you for a small fee between 9am and 6pm. Last minute changes (ie. Less than 12 hours’ notice) or after hours are extra. Feed and hay can be provided if necessary and we would be happy to discuss your requirements. We are also happy to place your horse on our worming and farrier regime to help save you time.

3.     GENERAL:

a) Please notify us if you intend to arrive after 9pm or before 7am.
b) Entry via the main gate is accessed with a code which changes from time to time.
c) We appreciate your business and respectfully ask that you assist us to maintain standards of excellence and courtesy to all people. We like to think that you would do unto others the same as you would have done to you. This also means keeping your children under control and quiet around the horses.
d) We do not have main services, so please use water and power sparingly.
e) Please respect the efforts to keep a clean and professional establishment by picking up all horse manure deposited outside of the paddocks. Failure to leave your booked area, yard or stable clean and tidy will result in a $55 cleaning fee.
f) Dogs and smoking are prohibited on the property without the consent from management.
g) Please report any damage to facilities or fences, water leaks or problems with horses to the property manager. The Agistee is responsible for the costs of repairs for damages caused by themselves or their horse.
h) News, updates, emergency procedures, maps of the property and local area maps are located on
i) Emergency assembly areas are labelled on all maps, in an emergency please move to these areas promptly, to ensure yours and others safety.
j) Any breach of the above conditions may initiate a penalty fine of up to $1,000 or removal from the property.

4.   PAYMENT: Agistment will be invoiced and is to be paid for one calendar month in advance, via EFT. All outstanding amounts such as hay, feeds, handling, farrier, dentist or worming will be carried over and invoiced the following month. Half day rates apply if the horse arrives or departs after midday. A minimum of one week’s notice would be appreciated to cancel this agreement and receive a refund. 10% INTEREST IS CHARGED ON OUTSTANDING ACCOUNTS.

5.     SAFETY:
a) Agistees must sign the separate Visitor Sheet & Disclaimer in addition to this agreement.
b) No other riders are permitted to ride the agisted horse without signing the Visitor Sheet & Disclaimer.
c)  Approved safety helmets must be worn when riding; suitable clothing and footwear must be worn at all times unless you can provide evidence of valid insurance cover that states otherwise.
d)  Cross Country obstacles must not be used unless under the guidance or instruction of a clinician.
e)  Riding of horses bareback is prohibited unless under instruction.
f)  Riding of rugged and/or unbridled horses is prohibited unless under instruction.
g) Any person may lead a maximum of two horses while mounted or unmounted.
h)  Stallions must be tagged, bitted and be in the control of a person aged seventeen years or more
i)   Slow (eg. 5kmph) vehicle speeds must always be adhered to.
j)  Please conduct common sense behaviour and observe all signs and instructions at the venue.
k)  Electric fences have been used on most fence lines but please be aware that there are stallions and young colts kept on the property –PLEASE keep a safe distance to prevent injuries to both you and them.
l)   DO NOT enter other paddocks without prior permission from the Agistor.
m) PLEASE ensure that your horse/s is disease free and fully vaccinated before entering the property. Report any signs of illness IMMEDIATELY.
n) There are many young horses kept on the property, PLEASE pick up rubbish (even if it is not yours) and store effectively to prevent ingestion and possible death.
o)  PLEASE ensure that all gates and stable doors are kept shut at all times, unless otherwise specified.
p)  An Accident/Incident Report must be filled out after any accident regardless of severity as soon as possible after the event. This must be filled out by the affected person as well as one witness if available and given to Management.

Euroa Horse Park Pty Ltd reserves the right to ask the Agistee to remove their horse at any time and to act in the best interest of the agisted horse and / or call a veterinarian at any time for any reason. The horse is held at the Agistee’s risk at all times. It is the Agistee’s responsibility to ensure the horse’s health and welfare and to insure against all risks while they are on agistment or being transported to and from the property. The Agistor shall not be responsible for any disease, accident, illness, injury or death howsoever caused nor any costs arising to the horse.

The Agistee agrees to comply with the Management Conditions of the Euroa Horse Park Pty Ltd and to pay the agistment monies in advance and other charges deemed necessary to maintain the horse’s health and well-being as detailed in the Euroa Horse Park Pty Ltd Agistment Agreement. Interest at 10% per month is payable on overdue accounts.

The Agistee must notify the Agistor immediately they become aware of the horse suffering, or being in contact with any significant or notable sickness / disease. Compensation may be sought from the Agistee if this is not adhered to. Veterinary services for the horse may be provided at the discretion of the Agistor in consultation with their veterinarian. The Agistee will pay all veterinary and other charges incurred while the horse is at the Agistment property.

The Agistee gives the Agistor a lien over the horse for payment of the agistment fees and all other charges and expenses which the Agistee must pay under the Agreement. This means that the Agistee may not remove the horse from the property while any part of this agreement is NOT fulfilled. The Agistor may sell the horse at public auction or by private sale to recover any monies unpaid for, 60 days after the Agistor has sent the account. No horse will be released from the property to the Agistee until all monies are paid, unless by prior arrangement.

The Agistee irrevocably appoints the Agistor as the Agistee’s attorney with the power to sell the horse and to sign all transfers and other documents and do everything necessary to effect and complete the sale and to receive the purchase price and credit it towards the cost of sale and all monies owing. Should the sale realise less than the total amount outstanding, Euroa Horse Park Pty Ltd reserves the right to claim the shortfall from the Agistee through legal channels.